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Step1 Make sure you have already registered to be our member consumer
Step2 Login to the user control center

Step3 Enter the management list of domain name

Step4 Open 'Private Registration'

Step5 Renew the domain name

Step6 Set the duration of the private registration and confirm the private registration

Step7 Pay off, finish the application of the private registration
Rules of sale:
1 Private registration use year as its charge unit; the factual amount of money of deduction will be accurately calculated every month in this above proportion according to the available term of the domain name. (if it is less than one month, we will still calculate it as a month)
2 The duration of private registration must be in accordance with the duration of the domain name. The system will automatically calculate the amount of payment and ask you to confirm.
3 You can freely 'stop/restart' private registration before its deadline.