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phone (852)3999 5400(Sales)
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  • Times 6 great advantages

    • 海外收发畅通无阻

      Overseas send and receive unobstructed

      Have IP address to unseal the green channel, overseas server multi-node deployment, automatic forwarding acceleration, fast and timely delivery;

      Effectively solve all kinds of problems such as foreign rejection, network congestion, international export error, etc.

    • 南北互通多线接入

      The north-south multi-line access

      Have multiple independent operation machines: Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Hong Kong, USA, high-speed bandwidth;

      Telecommunication, netcom, tiantong, education network and other links, north-south interconnection;

    • 智能反垃圾反病毒

      Smart anti-spam anti-virus

      Have a good cooperative relationship with the internationally renowned RBL organization and use a variety of spam techniques;

      Ensure customers stay away from garbage, viruses, phishing emails and avoid security risks;

    • 更安全的数据存储和传输

      More secure data storage and transmission

      Data multi-level storage, remote key data backup, error recovery mechanism, xx day delete backup;

      Using SSL secure transmission technology, the whole process is encrypted to ensure the data transmission is not leaked, and the data is reliable and reliable.

    • 自由管理及监控

      Free management and monitoring

      Free allocation of management email account, unified group email address, check and send and receive log, mail information control, etc.

      Facilitate enterprise management and monitoring, communication between employees, and prevent leakage of internal information and business information.

    • 简单易用免维护

      Easy to use without maintenance

      High performance hardware and software support, without maintenance, cost savings;

      The interface is simple, easy to operate, easy to use, 7X24 hour technology quick response;

  • Time mail
    function list

    • Feature list
    • 7 days data backup and recovery
      Delete email within 7 days can be retrieved without fear of loss of data.
    • Black and white list Settings
      There are black and white lists and black and white lists, two levels. The administrator can set up a domain blacklist to block the sender's spam in general. Each mailbox can be blacklisted by itself according to its own characteristics, with more flexibility. The same is true of the white list.
    • Alias domain mailbox
      Unlimited individual domain and alias domain mailbox, support the company at the same time to provide multiple domain name mailbox.
    • Email monitoring
      Can be classified, monitor and monitor accounts, send and receive emails in the monitored mailbox can be viewed in real time, and can keep backup.
    • Multilingual
      Support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English, interface real-time switching, real international mail, no code.
    • Support mail to send all the way
      Support multiple recipients, cc, send, request send back the send function, also can receive each send the result information.
    • Support multi-client send and receive
      Support imap/pop/SMTP, ios, Andriod, Foxmail, Outlook multi-client support, enjoy mobile life.
    • Mailing label
      Add multiple categories of tags to your email, personalize your email, and check all emails of the same label at any time.
    • The mail group
      Custom mail group, convenient to group members of the group send out notification mail.
    • Department management
      The domain administrator can create a department administrator and give the department administrator various operational privileges.
    • Enterprise customization
      After login, the interface can add the company's own logo, page title information, and maintain unity with the corporate image.
    • Ordinary attachments
      Support maximum 30MB
    • Large attachments
      The enterprise version and the business version of the oversized annex space 2G, the oversized attachment for 15 days.
    • IP authorization login
      Support domain or mailbox to authorize login IP, further enhance enterprise mailbox security.
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