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Digicert OV SSL certificate

DigiCert Enterprise SSL Certificate is Organization Validation SSL Certificate, commonly known in Chinese as "Enterprise SSL Certificate". The certificate authority examines the website's corporate identity and domain name ownership to prove that the applicant is a legally existing entity, CA The organization will issue a certificate after manual verification. The OV SSL certificate contains complete company information, and users can view the company's company name in the SSL certificate applied by the company.
DigiCert Enterprise SSL Certificate can only protect 1 domain name. When the domain name for the certificate is a subdomain with the prefix "www", the main domain name without "www" can be protected.

Security level: Certificate type: OV SSL certificate
Issuing speed: 3~10 working days Insured amount: $1,000,000
Purchase for 1 year Purchase 2 years


Product brand
Verification method Enterprise Verification OV
Certification materials 1) Copy of business license; 2) 114. National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Dun & Bradstreet Code has company records
Issuing speed 3~10 working days
Number of protected domain names Single domain name certificate, protect 1 domain name
Protect lower-level subdomains Not supported
Reissue Unlimited reissues
Certificate encryption strength SHA256
Certificate algorithm support RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile support Support 99.9% mobile devices
Browser support 99.9% browser recognition rate, supports all major browsers
Safety Guarantee $1,000,000
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