Eranet International Limited( was incorporated at Hong Kong in 2005, which directly under, Inc. and was established in 2000. As one of the first ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), Verisign, HKDNR, and CNNIC (The China Internet Network Information Center) accredited registrars, Todaynic is also a leading provider of services in domain name registration and web hosting.
Since its establishment, Todaynic has committed to China's e-network system and network technology development and been providing comprehensive network solutions to SMEs(small and medium enterprises) and individuals. As the time goes on, Todaynic has already made rapid progress in service capability and technical merit. Moreover, In order to provide better support for internet development in Hong Kong, Todaynic launched a new English-edition website, which has an independent network operation management system and software development capacity.
The mission statement and objectives of is to provide customers oriented and technology based services and products with full English and strive for continuous innovation in product categories, and service items according to customer's requirements.

Slogan: Global Network Development, Outstanding Corporate serving

service items:
Eranet always has the aim:giving top priority to quality, be customer-oriented and be honesty in business. Up to now, Eranet has already established a strong network operation management systems and software development capabilities. We are welcomed by the majority of Internet users and enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad.

Our service items included: Domain Name Registration, Virtual Host, Corporation Email, Domain Transaction, Intelligent website, Simplified site swap, Short Message Service, Website Promotion, Stores Online, Dynamic IP and independent host hiring, etc.

Development Strategy: Based in Hong Kong, develop Asia market, aim to enlarge our customers to every corner of the world: to provide worldwide customers with best quality network service.,Inc-Eranet International Limited has long term development strategy by the very beginning of incorporated. Since its establishment, through continuous efforts, it has become one of the largest domain name registration, web hosting and corporate e-mail providers in China. Moreover, it has become the international well-known domain name and web hosting service providers, and among the best Internet access service provider ranks.

Eranet always focus on the development of the Asian and global operations to provide better service agents around the world, to be better service agents around the world, in 2003, it introduced the global network services platform: site has in Traditional, Simplified, and English three versions. To better service Hong Kong people and Chinese all over the world, we introduced traditional direct marketing network service Later, we will also introduce journal of direct marketing platform.

Our Goal:
Eranet offers a full suite of Web-related services to fulfill and exceed our customers' expectations. With DNS, Server-Management System, Anti-spam System, Self-develop GCDN Accelerator and other network solutions, we strive to develop a feature-rich e-commerce platform.

Eranet International Limited has united strong technical force and high quality service philosophy. Excellent quality, caring service has won recognition and confidence of consumers rely on the customer groups in the ongoing development and growth. It has branches at Shenzhen and more places, sign up to tens of thousands of agents as many countries around the world rented furnishings and regions.


·Famous Brand in the Global Internet Service Industry
·Authoritative Provider in Domain Name registration & Web Hosting in China
·One of the first ICANN Accredited Registrars in China
·CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) Accredited Registrar
·2007 CNNIC Accredited CN Golden Registrar
·2006 CNNIC-Accredited Golden Registrar
·2005 CNNIC Most Progressing Provider In Domain Name Registration Services
·2007 HKDNR Golden Service Partner (Overseas)
·HKIRC&HKDNR Best Performing Service Partners Sliver Prize
·2006 Top 10 Customer Most-Satisfied Brand In China Internet Service Industry
·National Trustworthy Entity In China Information Industry
·Member of China Internet Association
·Accredited High Technology Corporation for Software Design and Software Solution
·Top of the Alexa ( Rankings Among the Same Industry
·Top of the Alexa ( Rankings Among the Same Industry National Famous Brand of Virtual Hosting Technology Developer
·One of the first Providers to Offer JSP,PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,PERL,CGI Scripting Languages & Diverse-Database.

Our Value:
"The Better Network, The Better Life." Eranet firmly believes that excellent network services lead to a better life! From competitive pricing to value-added educational resources, useful tools, services and support, we are focused on ensuring that all customers derive the maximum benefit from their investment in the Web.

Innovation Domain Transaction Platform:
Eranet International Limited First to introduce a new domain name registered by trading platform "changed its name space" (, Fill-Chinese domain name registered by trading platform gaps.Then joined the GDNX (global domain trading organization), become the only Chinese company to join the international organization's registrar.

Company System:
1、 (Hong Kong web site)
2、(Mainland platform)
3、(Agent platform)
4、(IDC Deta Center)
5、(Space-time trade namesSpace-time trade names)

  Eranet Brief Introduction

Eranet Zhuhai headquarters Eranet Hongkong company
Zhuhai headquarters Hongkong company
Eranet shenzhen company
shenzhen branch
One of the first ICANN 
Accredited Registrars in China
One of the first ICANN
Accredited Registrars in China
VeriSign Accredited Top-level domain registrar
VeriSign Accredited Top-level domain registrar
( China Internet Network Information Center )
the first top-level domain registrar 
authorized by China
( China Internet Network Information Center )
the first top-level domain registrar
authorized by China
HKIRC Accredited Registrar
HKIRC Accredited Registrar

  Eranet Honor

2012 HKDNR
Silver Service Partner (Overseas)
2012 Annual CNNIC
Authentication of domain name registration services
2012 HKDNR
Golden Service Partner (Overseas)
2012 Annual CNNIC
Authentication CN service agency of domain name registration

2008 HKDNR
Domain name information checking excellent registration services
2007 HKDNR
Golden Service Partner (Overseas)
five consecutive years
Silver Service Partner (Overseas)


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